Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer

Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer
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You’ve taken a great step towards optimizing your store with the Conversion Checklist, and maybe even the Ultimate E-commerce UI Template. But to truly maximize your store’s potential, a personalized touch can make all the difference!

Imagine having a conversion expert dive deep into your store, identifying conversion opportunities tailored just for your niche, price range, and target audience. 

With a professional Conversion Audit, you’ll get actionable insights and a customized plan to supercharge your conversion rates and average order value.

So, if you don’t want to spend weeks or even months auditing the store yourself with E-commerce Checklist, you can instead invest in my personalized conversion audit and see MASSIVE profits for your online store, 10 times faster!

Personalized Conversion Audit for 7-figure Online Stores

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So... Want to Be Hit With a Money 🌊 Tsunami?

I will personally audit and tear apart your online store, telling you exactly how to boost your conversion rates, maximize average order value, and optimize the user experience. Simply put… you’ll make ridiculously more money without any extra ad spend.

Satisfied e-commerce owners are already profiting from my Conversion Audits. Join them now!

I will make sure the  expensive traffic  you're paying for ACTUALLY converts and generates PROFIT for you

As we discussed, the cost of Facebook ads is increasing every day. Their algorithm is like a magic box that you cannot control at all.

However, what you CAN control is your online store, and your MAIN focus should be on converting as many visitors into buyers and making those buyers spend MORE.

With my detailed Conversion Optimization Audit, I will tell you EXACTLY THAT – How to convert as many visitors into customers while ensuring those customers spend as much as possible.

Why you should AVOID 🔥 A/B testing and CRO agencies, at all costs!?

Here’s the thing: Whether you decide to do A/B testing yourself or pay several thousand dollars to a CRO agency that promises you big insights, you will end up with a bunch of confusing results, minimal improvements, and a lot of time and money wasted.

A/B testing is awesome if you’re a giant like Amazon with crazy amounts of daily sales. But for those of us getting around 100 sales a day? Not so much.

You end up testing one thing at a time, waiting forever for results that might not even tell you the whole story.

So, skip the guesswork. My audit delivers proven strategies directly to your door, saving you time and money with immediate, impactful changes that are ALREADY PROVEN to work (on 9-figure stores)!

🥵 CRO agencies with A/B testing
  • High monthly fees and retainers: Agencies often charge high monthly fees with retainers that can become financially burdensome for smaller businesses.
  • Slow A/B Testing Process: The A/B testing approach requires substantial traffic to yield significant data, making it less effective for stores with fewer daily sales.
  • Potential for Confusing Data:Multiple tests can lead to an overload of data, which might be difficult to interpret and act upon effectively.
  • Longer Wait for Results:Results from tests can take a long time to materialize, delaying necessary improvements and potential profit gains.
🧠 My Conversion Optimization Audit
  • Tailored Strategies: Provides custom solutions that are specifically designed to match the unique attributes and goals of the client’s store.
  • Immediate Impact: Offers actionable recommendations that can be implemented quickly for immediate effect, without the lengthy delays associated with testing cycles.
  • One-time payment: More affordable than ongoing agency retainers, with a clear upfront cost and no hidden fees.
  • My Expert Insight: Leverage my 15 years of e-commerce CRO experience with strategies proven to work for 9-figure stores.
  • Personalized Service: Direct involvement in the audit process, ensuring that each client receives hands-on attention and support tailored to their specific needs.

What will you get by ordering my Conversion Audit?

After 7 days of my auditing, you will receive a Figma (free design tool) file with precise ideas on what to change in order to convert more visitors into customers.

  • Up to 70 actionable fixes (for CRO, AOV and UX)
  • Top 5 priority fixes list (95/5 rule)
  • Product page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Landing page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Checkout process Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Thank you page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Upsell page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Cart page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Catalogue page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Home page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
Satisfied e-commerce owners are already profiting from my Conversion Audits. Join them now!

Why am I'm THE GUY you should hire for Conversion Audit?

Since you already know me, here are just quick facts:

  • 15 years of experience in e-commerce conversion design
  • Designing and A/B testing $200M+/year stores
  • Redesigned online stores to 3x, 5x and even 10x their conversions
  • Deep knowledge of CRO and UX which combined makes the biggest impact
  • Have deep knowledge from all niches by auditing more than 200 online stores
  • Founder of two multi-million dollar businesses

When you pick me, you’re getting EVERYTHING that I’ve learned, packed into an actionable, tailor-made CRO audit.


Say goodbye to:


Low sales even when you increase the ad spend


Confusing data from endless A/B tests


Generic changes that have 0.1% impact on your store

How does my process look like:

  • I'll conduct user testing during the very first visit to your store, simulating the experience of a potential customer. This helps me understand your site from their perspective.
  • I meticulously note down anything and everything that could potentially be causing you to lose money. No detail goes unnoticed.
  • Next, I'll capture screenshots of all your pages on both desktop and mobile using Figma.
  • Then, I'll dissect your online store into its smallest components, analyzing every aspect of conversion leaks, average order value pitfalls (AOV), and user experience anomalies (UX).

What happens after you pay for Conversion Audit

  • You will be redirected to a short questionnaire where I will ask you to provide me with the most crucial information needed to perform the conversion audit.
  • I will deeply dive into your store and point out EXACTLY where you are leaving money on the table.
  • Within 7 business days, you will receive a Figma file where you will be able to see all the actionable improvements you can make to boost your conversion rates, average order value, and UX of your store.
Satisfied e-commerce owners are already profiting from my Conversion Audits. Join them now!

How Gizzmo increased their revenue by 36%!

Feb 17, 2024 via survey form
I just had to share my experience with Jaka's CRO audit because, well, it's been a game-changer for my ecomm.

See, I've been running an online store for a while now, and while things were ticking along, I knew there was more potential waiting to be unlocked. That's when I stumbled upon Jaka and his CRO audit service.

From the get-go, Jaka's approach was refreshing. He took the time to understand my business, my customers, and what I was trying to achieve. It felt like he was invested in my success as much as I was.

After diving deep into my store, Jaka came back with a ton of insights and recommendations. And let me tell you, they weren't just generic tips you can find anywhere online. It was clear at the first sight of my audit knows his stuff inside out. Like, seriously!

Now, I won't lie, putting these ideas into action took some effort. But with Jaka's guidance and support, I dove in headfirst. I tweaked, I adjusted, and I optimized every aspect of my store based on his recommendations.

And you know what? It paid off big time. Within first month, my revenue shot up by a whopping 36%. I couldn't believe it. All the hard work was finally paid off. 

So if you're on the fence about investing in Jaka's CRO audit, let me be the one to tell you, it's worth every freaking penny! You won't regret it.

 Ziga Krampersek 

from gizzmo.si


I will tell you exactly how to transform your store into a money-making machine!

Personalized Conversion Optimization Audit
26% OFF - but only NOW or NEVER!

With my Conversion Audit, you will get:

  • Up to 70 actionable fixes (for CRO, AOV and UX)
  • Top 5 priority fixes list (95/5 rule)
  • Product page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Landing page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Checkout process Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Thank you page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Upsell page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Cart page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Catalogue page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
  • Home page Audit (for desktop & mobile)
I want a personalized Conversion Audit!

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Get the checklist AND personalised conversion audit
  • Get your online store ready for Black Friday
  • Personalized audit of your homepage, collection page, product page, cart
  • Checkout conversion rate improvements & AOV fixes
  • Low-hanging fruit analysis: Simple tweaks with high reward potential for your revenue
  • Hands-on solutions from other 8-figure online stores
  • Actionable PDF report that’s designed to instantly impact your profits
  • 5 business days delivery
Get the Checklist AND Conversion Audit
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Based on 56 ratings

I normally don’t offer money-back guarantees for my services, but…

After auditing dozens and dozens of online stores, I’m 100% confident I can find 20 improvements that will have a clear impact on your sales, or I’m willing to refund your money.

So, at the end of the audit, if you don’t think this is the most valuable audit you’ve ever received, I’ll refund you the full amount.

You are my customer, my partner—and I seriously want you to be happy.

Because if I do my job correctly, your store will be successful, and that’s why you’ll recommend me to your friends—it’s a win-win.

Trust me, I’m the last guy on the planet who will send cold emails to get clients—my outstanding work has always been spread by word of mouth.

I want to blow your mind with the awesome value you’re getting and convince you to tell all your friends about me.