Jaka Šmid
Conversion Designer


Jaka Šmid

Conversion Designer

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Don’t let bad e-commerce design

kill your sales!

Discover The Ultimate E-commerce UI Template designed for e-commerce and agency owners who want to skyrocket their store’s conversion rates and average order values. Get a complete E-commerce design worth $15000+ for only $0.00

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More than 12,300+ e-commerce owners achieved
incredible growth thanks to my proven conversion tricks.

https://youtu.be/vc6apWwZ8eADid you know that 12 months ago, I created a Checklist for E-commerce owners?
It’s an extensive guide containing over 300 critical conversion checkpoints that every online store needs to cover to maximize conversion rates and average order value. The checklist alone has generated more than $1M in sales and attracted over 12,000 clients.


Many of my customers still needed help with the actual design of their online stores

After all, I’m an experienced conversion designer specializing in designing high-converting e-commerce stores.

That’s why I’ve combined my E-commerce Conversion Checklist with everything I’ve learned from designing high-performing online stores (that generate $700MM+ in combined yearly revenue) into the Ultimate conversion-focused E-commerce template.

Imagine it as a single source of truth for boosting conversion rates and average order values in your e-commerce store.

Skip the costly and time-consuming process of A/B testing everything by yourself, and jumpstart your success with a design that’s already proven to work.

This E-commerce Conversion-Focused UI Template includes:
Over 45+ dedicated screens for desktop & mobile

carefully designed to cover every detail of your store’s shopping process. With conversions in mind, you’ll know exactly how each part of the design should look to maximize conversion rates and average order values.

Over 34+ upsell solutions for maximizing your AOV

Discover the power of proven upsell strategies based on hundreds of A/B tests conducted on $100MM+ stores.

The ultimate and never-before-seen checkout funnel

Every detail, from form fields to upsells and order bumps, is expertly crafted to guide potential customers through the checkout process smoothly, encouraging them to spend as much as possible without compromising customer experience.

Unlock my expert insights with 127+ detailed expert advice

Learn from me as I explain the importance of each design element, how to implement it, and what it is. These valuable advice alone are worth thousands of dollars, offering you an exclusive look into my thought process as an elite conversion designer.”

Master the art of persuasive copy with my guidance

Benefit from the comprehensive instructions I’ve provided for crafting compelling copy for your products, categories, descriptions, urgency countdowns, microcopy, and more. Empower your e-commerce store with copy that sells!

Why the hell should you trust me?
As I mentioned above, I’ve designed some of the world’s highest-converting e-commerce themes. I’ve built 2 separate multi-million-dollar web design companies, ProteusThemes & E-commerce Checklist. And I’ve helped online store owners bring in 7 figures of additional profits in the last year alone.

I’m a deeply analytical guy at heart and during all of my 15+ years in the online design industry, I’ve remained obsessed with what truly works and what doesn’t in the real world. Which changes have an actual effect on conversion rates. What elements increase sales and profits, and how.

I’ve been a student of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics for over a decade, and I’ve built my own CRO heuristic process on a strong foundation of hundreds of real-world A/B tests.

Bottom line is, I have a deep understanding of what affects online conversion rates — and I’m happy to share all of this knowledge and experience with you.

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The E-commerce UI template includes:


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