Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer

Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer
7-day Email Challenge: Skyrocket Average Order Value in Your Online Store
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Get more money from each customer

Here’s the situation: 

You’re putting a lot of money into Facebook ads just to attract a potential buyer to your online store. You’re then putting even more effort into making them decide to buy your product. 

In that exact moment, when you already have a “yes, I’ll buy” from your customer, you need to convince them to buy not just one BUT THREE of your products.

So, for the same acquisition cost, you are now getting the profit margin from three products and not just one. This is a strategy that sets apart multi-million dollar stores from mediocre ones. And I will teach you exactly how to pull it off. 

Introducing the 7-day email challenge, where I’ll guide you on how to boost your store’s average order value and get more money from each customer. 

In this email challenge, I will give you clear actionable steps that will:

  • Boost Your Average Order Value so customers end up buying not just one, but three products at a time.
  • Eliminate Ad Spend Anxiety so you won't sweat over every dollar poured into Facebook ads.
  • Amplify Your Revenue for Growth so you can invest in even better new products for your store.
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Increasing traffic by spending more on ads is NOT the answer!

Are you tired of watching your ad costs skyrocket while your sales stagnate?

Do you find yourself sitting in front of the computer, wondering how to boost your store’s revenue without constantly increasing your ad spending?

You’re not alone. Like many others, you might have noticed Facebook ad costs rising and realized that a change is necessary.

The most successful online businesses don’t just focus on acquiring more customers. They focus on increasing their average order value (AOV).

And it’s AOV that has been the single most overlooked metric I’ve seen in my work as a conversion designer.

But, why is the AOV metric so fuc**ng important?

Let’s break down some numbers here to see the difference between low AOV and high AOV.

🥵 Low Average Order Value

Ad Spend: $500

Orders: 100x

Average Order Value: $50

Total Revenue: $5,000

🧠 High Average Order Value

Ad Spend: $500
(Without increasing ad spend – zero risk!)

Orders: 100x
(Same amount of orders)

Average Order Value: $100
(Double AOV with my optimizations)

Total Revenue: $10,000

As you can see, with the SAME ad spend and the same number of orders, you can generate TWICE as much revenue with just the right AOV optimization.

All you need to do is persuade your already convinced customer to add one extra product to their cart. That’s all it takes.

They have already decided to trust you and make a purchase; you just need to give them a gentle nudge to buy two products instead of one. That’s the entire concept behind AOV. 

And in my email challenge, I will teach you exactly how to encourage them to add that one extra product to their shopping cart.

Yet, 95% of stores NEVER take full advantage of their AOV potential

Here’s where most stores go wrong:

  • They focus only on attracting new customers, neglecting the potential of existing traffic (sounds familiar?!)
  • They ignore the power of product bundling and upselling
  • They fail to create compelling offers that encourage larger purchases
  • They overlook the importance of store layout and design in influencing buying decisions
  • They stick to outdated pricing strategies that don’t maximize AOV
  • They don’t utilize decades-old and proven psychological triggers.
If that’s you… well, enjoy getting CRAPPY sales yet another year. We’ve all been there and I know how absolutely horrible this feels.

Here’s what the MOST PROFITABLE stores do right:

  • Implement daily actions that gradually increase your AOV
  • Use psychological triggers ethically to encourage larger purchases
  • Create irresistible bundles and offers that customers can’t ignore
  • Optimize your store design for maximum revenue generation
  • Apply innovative pricing strategies that encourage spending
  • Craft compelling product descriptions that sell more
Again, DO NOT leave money on the table like 95% of businesses do!


Transform your AOV strategy and unlock a hidden revenue stream in your online store!

(without increasing your ad spend!)

Satisfied E-commerce owners are already profiting from my marketing checklists. Join them now!

Who am I – and why the hell should you trust me?

I’m Jaka, the creator of the original E-commerce Conversion Checklist. This checklist became a best-seller with over 15,000 copies sold, generating more than $1.3M in revenue.

Within that checklist, I put everything I’d learned from 15 years as a top-tier conversion designer. I’ve helped multiple $200MM+ stores crank their AOV by up to 50%. 

That’s millions of dollars in extra revenue, all by implementing the tactics I’ve refined and A/B tested on a massive scale.


When I asked customers how much they used my advice from the checklist, most said, “Not much” or even “Nothing.” 

I was sad by the answers, but they make sense. The checklist had a lot of information, including some less crucial details. You can’t put 15 years of knowledge into one paper and expect people to use all of it in their store. It just doesn’t work that way.

So I decided to simplify things for you:


Say goodbye to:


200-page ebooks that go too much into details that don’t even matter


20+ hour courses where the author talks more about himself than actual knowledge.


overwhelming details in lengthy checklists

Truth be told, these formats are ineffective, leaving you lost and unlikely to reach the finish line, let alone put what you’ve ‘learned’ into action.

Instead, embrace a more focused, effective approach.


7-day email challenge to elevate your store’s AOV

4.91 based on 71 reviews

Receive 7x straight-to-the-point emails packed with proven strategies on how to boost your AOV.

No fluff, no filler. These are actionable insights designed to significantly raise your online store’s average order values.

This isn’t just another product that’ll gather digital dust.

Over the course of 7 days, you'll receive these 7 emails:

Where you will learn:

  • How to subtly encourage customers to buy more (without being pushy)
  • How to strategically bundle products (and make customers love it)
  • How to leverage well-known psychological triggers (without the guilt)
  • How to optimize your store design for increased order values
  • How to use pricing strategies that make customers eager to spend more
  • How to craft offers that feel like a steal (but still skyrocket your profits)
Satisfied E-commerce owners are already profiting from my marketing tools. Join them now!

Read what people who completed the challenge have to say about it:

4.91 based on 71 reviews
Oct 17, 2023 via survey form
Finished your email challeng and wow - immediate results. Easy to follow and genuinely useful. Keep up the good work.

Laura Nguyen 

E-commerce CMO

Transform your AOV strategy and unlock a hidden revenue stream

Enroll now in the 7-day email challenge that will teach you how to boost the AOV in your online store.

7-day AOV Challenge
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With my AOV Challenge, you will get:

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  • 2x Bonus Email lessons that will elevate your store's AOV even further.
  • Read on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime with lifetime access to all the materials.
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so you can try the challenge 100% risk-free.
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Full 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident that the 7-day AOV Challenge will be a game-changer for your business. And I also understand the importance of having peace of mind. That’s why I’m giving you a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee. If – for whatever reason – you feel this challenge isn’t for you, simply message my team. We’ll refund 100% of your money, immediately, with zero strings attached. Your success and happiness is my top priority.