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Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer

Jaka Šmid

Conversion designer
7-Day E-commerce Challenge: Learn how to build a zero-margin product for your online store
4.91 based on 78 reviews

The counterintuitive and untapped potential to skyrocket your online store profits with a digital product

Learn how to create and upsell a digital product perfectly tailored to your e-commerce niche that will maximize your profits WITHOUT the inventory challenges, high-margins, and shipping costs… 

Satisfied E-commerce owners are already profiting from my marketing tools. Join them now!

Wait, what!? 👀

Is this a digital product in an online store selling shoes?

Exactly! Welcome to the new era of online stores.

Did you know you can add at least $100,000 in revenue per year from a digital product?

This is what is possible with a simple digital product.

The hidden gem no one in the E-commerce space is talking about!

Why Upselling Digital Products is the Next Logical Step for Explosive Profits!

Being profitable while balancing ad spend and high margins with physical products is a real challenge, even with high sales volumes.

On the other hand, digital products have near-zero margins. Once developed, digital products can be sold an unlimited number of times. You can easily offer them as an upsell in the shopping cart to existing buyers, leveraging an already engaged customer making a huge profit (up to 90%) on each sale without any extra ad costs.

👎 Physical Products 
  • High costs: Shipping costs, Return & exchange costs, Raw material costs, manufacturing costs, quality assurance costs, storage costs etc.
  • Time-consuming: Manufacturing the physical product, photographing, packaging, shipping,
  • Inventory Challenges: Risk of overstocking or running out, leading to lost sales.Their strategies are often based on over-generalized “best” practices and theories, not proven results.
  • Returns & Exchanges: Physical goods might be returned, incurring costs and logistics challenges.
  • Storage & Warehousing: Requires space to store physical stock, which can be expensive.
  • Hard to scale: as sales volume rises, the costs associated with production, storage, and distribution can significantly impact profit margins.
👍 Digital Product 
  • High Profits: Minimal costs after initial creation; no cost per additional unit sold.
  • Time-saving: Build it once and sell it forever.
  • No Inventory Management: Always available without the need for restocking.
  • Global Accessibility: Can be sold and delivered worldwide without shipping.
  • Instant Delivery: Immediate access post-purchase enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Super scalable:Whether selling to ten or ten thousand customers, the delivery process remains consistent and easy.

A digital product can be
created for EVERY niche!

Here are some examples of online stores’ niches and the digital products you can make for them…

  • Running Shoes Store

    Name: Perfecting Your Running Form
    Format: 30-minute video tutorial
    Price: $29

  • Gourmet Coffee Beans

    Name: Brew Mastery: From Bean to Cup
    Format: 40-minute video course with tasting notes PDF
    Price: $15

  • Organic Skincare

    Name: Natural Glow: A Guide to Radiant Skin
    Format: eBook (50 pages) with video demonstrations (20 mins total)
    Price: $19

  • Tech & Gadgets

    Name: Tech Trends 101: Making the Most of Your iPhone
    Format: 30-minute video series + downloadable cheat sheets.
    Price: $9

  • Home Improvement Tools

    Name: DIY Pro: Home Renovation Made Easy
    Format: Series of instructional videos + comprehensive project planner.
    Price: $19

  • Outdoor & Camping Gear

    Name: Wilderness Explorer: Essential Outdoor Skills
    Format: 50-minute video tutorial + survival guide eBook.
    Price: $19

  • Children's Toys

    Name: Play & Learn: Educational Activities for Kids
    Format: Digital activity book with printable learning games.
    Price: $19

  • Music Instruments

    Name: Strumming Masterclass: Guitar Techniques
    Format: Video lessons + chord and songbook PDF.
    Price: $19

  • Adventure Travel Gear

    Name: Survival Skills in the Wild
    Format: 60-minute video series + PDF checklist.
    Price: $19

  • Home Decor Haven

    Name: ZenSpace: Principles of Minimalist Home Design
    Format: 35-minute video + interactive digital magazine.
    Price: $19

  • Pet Supplies

    Name: Training Tails: Positive Reinforcement Techniques
    Format: 40-minute video + eGuide (30 pages).
    Price: $29

  • Photography Equipment

    Name: LensCrafted: Advanced Techniques in Portrait Photography
    Format: 55-minute video masterclass
    Price: $49

  • Art Supplies

    Name: Artistic Mastery: Developing Your Art Style
    Format: Extensive video course + digital art resources.
    Price: $29

  • Health Supplements

    Name: Wellness Wisdom: Maximizing Supplement Benefits
    Format: eBook (40 pages) + video explanations.
    Price: $19

  • Bicycles & Accessories

    Name: Cycle Savvy: Advanced Maintenance Skills
    Format: Video tutorials + bike care checklist.
    Price: $19

  • Wine & Spirits

    Name: Sommelier Secrets: Wine Tasting and Pairing
    Format: Video series + tasting notes journal.
    Price: $27

  • Sustainable Living Products

    Name: Eco-Warrior: Your Guide to Sustainable Living
    Format: eBook (60 pages) + short video series on eco-friendly practices.
    Price: $19

  • Handmade Crafts

    Name: Crafting Success: Turning Hobby into Profit
    Format: 45-minute webinar + PDF guide on selling handmade items.
    Price: $19

  • Travel Accessories

    Name: Globetrotter’s Guide: Ultimate Travel Hacks
    Format: Interactive eBook with custom travel planning templates.
    Price: $29

  • Stationery Supplies

    Name: Journal Joy: Creative Bullet Journaling
    Format: Video course with printable journal templates and guides.
    Price: $19

  • Board Games & Puzzles

    Name: Brain Boosters: Strategies for Complex Board Games
    Format: Guidebook + video walkthroughs.
    Price: $19

  • Luxury Watches & Jewelry

    Name: Timeless Elegance: The History of Horology
    Format: Mini-documentary series + collector’s guide.
    Price: $29

  • Health & Fitness Apparel

    Name: Fit Fashion: Choosing the Right Workout Gear
    Format: Interactive guide + video series on fitness apparel.
    Price: $19

  • Stationery Supplies

    Name: Journal Joy: Creative Bullet Journaling
    Format: Video course with printable journal templates and guides.
    Price: $19

Creating a digital product is NOT hard. And once it’s done, it’s done. FOREVER!

It doesn’t have to be a 300-page e-book or a 10-hour-long video course.

In reality, it’s the opposite. People’s attention span is becoming shorter every month and nobody has the time to consume overwhelming information.

The most important is the problem that your digital product solves and the value it gives.

You can create a digital product
in less than 30 days!

You don’t need fancy high-end production to record a digital product

Top-selling Udemy courses are recorded with an iPhone!

A video-based digital product doesn’t have to be 8 hours long

A 30-minute long masterclass or a 10-part 3 minute series is more than enough.

You don’t need an expensive graphic designer

There’s plenty of pre-made designs for E-books, workbooks or templates on platforms like Canva.

A text-based digital product doesn’t have to be long

A 20-page workbook, 7-part email challenge or a set of 5 detailed planners can offer immense value.

Here's what you get in the:
E-commerce Digital Product challenge

You will learn:

  • How to ensure your digital product will sell by aligning it with your customer's problems and desires
  • The best digital format for your specific niche that will increase conversion
  • How to test your digital product idea effectively before full-scale creation
  • How to name and design your digital product to increase the perceived value and sell it for more
  • How to subtly encourage customers to buy your digital product(without being pushy)
Satisfied E-commerce owners are already profiting from my marketing tools.

Here is my promise

The 7-day challenge will give you clear, actionable steps that will:


Increase profit

Dive into the world of digital products and discover a lucrative revenue stream, enhancing your overall earnings without the complexities of physical inventory.


Unlock Limitless Upsell Potential for Your Store

Upselling techniques for your new digital product, ensuring you not only add value but also significantly boost the average order value of each purchase


Increase the average order value

Boost the worth of each purchase as customers add not just physical products but also a digital product to their cart.


A new revenue stream 

Expand and diversify your income sources by introducing digital offerings, ensuring a more balanced and resilient business model.


Unlock scalable growth

With no worries about stock limitations or shipping complexities, easily expand your offerings and reach a wider audience, setting your store up for exponential growth.

How does the challenge work

Everything you need to build and sell a highly-profitable digital product 

Step 1

Get Instructional Emails

You will get 1x email every day. In total, 7 instructional emails that will help you get more profit you could ever imagine.

Step 2

Implement Tasks

Each email has specific tasks that will show you step-by-step how to come up with a profitable digital product, validate it before creating it, how to create it, best ways to upsell it, etc…

Step 3

Start Seeing More Profit

After you realize how much extra profit you’re making, please send me your testimonial so others will be able to implement this hidden gem as well. 

Read what people who completed the challenge have to say about it:

4.91 based on 71 reviews
Oct 17, 2023 via survey form
Finished your email challeng and wow - immediate results. Easy to follow and genuinely useful. Keep up the good work.

Laura Nguyen 

E-commerce CMO

Start your 7-day challenge now and

Unlock the hidden revenue stream in your online store TODAY!

7-day Digital Product Challenge
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With my Challenge, you will get:

  • 7x actionable emails with step-by-step lessons from an idea to a digital product launch that will skyrocket your online store's sales
  • Accountability checkpoints will keep you on track, ensuring consistent progress and motivating you to take your online store to the next level.
  • Expert-driven techniques based on 15 years as a conversion designer and working with countless successful online businesses.
  • Read on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime with lifetime access to all the materials.
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can try the challenge 100% risk-free.
You will be redirected to a secure checkout where you can pay with:
After payment, you will get your first email (out of 7)  in about 15 min.
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  • Hands-on solutions from other 8-figure online stores
  • Actionable PDF report that’s designed to instantly impact your profits
  • 5 business days delivery
Get the Checklist AND Conversion Audit
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Based on 78 ratings

Full 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident that my challenge will be a game-changer for your business. And I also understand the importance of having peace of mind. That’s why I’m giving you a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee. If – for whatever reason – you feel this challenge isn’t for you, simply message my team. We’ll refund 100% of your money, immediately, with zero strings attached. Your success and happiness is my top priority.

Who am I – and why the hell should you trust me?

I’m the founder of ProteusThemes and Conversion.Design, both of which have flourished into multi-million dollar businesses.

The success of my E-commerce Checklist last year has opened the doors to close relationships with owners of $10M+ online stores and they have shared countless incredible insights from the real-world with me.

Building on this momentum, I started working with a world-class email campaign expert who has helped drive growth for over 30 e-commerce stores, with the biggest one now making $194 million a year.

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